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(Storytelling Day at Central Park, Collège Régional Gabrielle-Roy Band at the Forks, North End Food Security Cooking Demonstrations at the Forks Market, Honey Days Manitoba at the Forks Market)
Culture Days Manitoba invites students, teachers and parents to create, participate and celebrate arts and culture in your communities. Lean more about how kids and youth can participate in the celebration by attending activities at the Forks, Central Park and in their own school on Friday, September 27th 2013.

Culture Days Manitoba: Student Day at the Forks/ Fête de la culture Manitoba: Journée d'élèves à la Fourche



El Sistema Performance with students from Elwick School
The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, partnered with Seven Oaks School Division, works with students in an after school program that affects social change through music in Winnipeg. Students from Elwick School will perform for your enjoyment.


St. John Brebeuf School Choir
Enjoy the beautiful young voices of elementary students from St. John Brebeuf Catholic School.


Ensemble Folklorique de la Rivière-Rouge
From its beginnings in 1947, Ensemble Folklorique de la Rivière rouge dance troupe continues to promote French-Canadian traditioanl values through dance, song, music and theatrical productions/ Fondé en 1947, l'Ensemble folklorique de la Rivière-Rouge a voulu dès le début assurer la promotion du folklore canadien-français par la danse, le chant, la musique et les pièces théâtrales.


Shaftesbury High School Jazz Band
Come watch our talented Honor Jazz Combo perform on the stairs by the Johnston Terminal.


Maples Collegiate Bhangra Dance Group
Watch Maples Bhangra group perform traditional dance from the Punjab region with a modern twist.


Inquire about the lunch special - 942-8221


Maples Collegiate Filipino Mabuhay Dance Ensemble
Celebrate Filipino culture with a performance of traditional and ethnic dance by the Filipino Mabuhay Dance Ensemble. Performance time to be determined.


Music for All Alliance
Celebrate Manitoban music with a free performance from master fiddler Patti Kusturok Lamoureux and outreach programs from Manitoba’s arts organizations.  Bring your own instrument and dance shoes to jam along with students and pros – all details are available at






K.I.D.S. Initiative Workshop (Kenya Initiative for Development and Sustainability)
Four 30 minute workshops: Two: Grades 7-9 and Two: Grades 10-12
Festival Park by Scotiabank Stage

This workshop is a chance for students to learn about sustainable development and human rights in form of interactive activities and sports.  

Film Training Manitoba Presents Action: Directing Culture Workshop
South Atrium in the Forks Market

Film Training Manitoba will provide a camera, a monitor, a script, and storyboards for participants to gain hands-on experience in filmmaking.


Maples Collegiate Asian Heritage Club Presents Traditional Craft Workshop
Outside (weather permitting) or Centre Court in the Forks Market

Join the Maples Collegiate Asian Heritage Club and create traditional crafts activities like origami, parol making (traditional Filipino star-shaped lanterns) and more!


Manitoba Honey Days
Centre Court in the Forks Market

Learn about honey extracting, see demonstrations, meet local honey producers and taste and purchase honey derived from various flowers put on by The Manitoba Beekeepers Association and the Red River Apiarists Association.


Fair Trade Manitoba Council Information Booth
Outside (weather permitting) or Centre Court in the Forks Market

Fair Trade Manitoba works with retailers, consumers and organizations to spread the word about the benefits of fair trade and encourage its wider availability in Manitoba.


Winnipeg Spanish Immersion/Bilingual Information Booth
Outside (weather permitting) or Centre Court in the Forks Market

We are a group of parents who wish to launch a Spanish-English Bilingual Program in Winnipeg. We're collecting the names of interested parents and children, we need at least 23 children in the same year to start the program.



Green Action Centre’s Interactive Environmental Home and Bike Blender
Outside (weather permitting) or Centre Court in the Forks Market

Explore and discover the easy green changes you can make at home, with activities, crafts, flip-up tips and fun facts and test out the neat bike blender!


Graffiti Gallery Artist Mash-Up : Live Painting to Live Music

Skate Park

Each artist starts on a wooden panel or canvas and then passes it on to another artist for them to continue to create. This is all done while painting to live music.


Forge by Day - Blacksmith Matt Jenkins creates his Little Free Library
Outside located by the Caboose

Join Matt the forger create a Little Free Library for Culture Days Manitoba. Find out more about the project at


Chikung Sessions by Instructor Kelly Whelan-Enns From Ancient Design - Qigong & Baguazhang Basic
On the grass /dans l’herbe


Collage Animation Workshop/Atelier by Freeze Frame Film Festival
Centre Court in the Forks Market

Cut, paste, animate! Create your own stop motion animation with Freeze Frame Media Centre. Shoot your own animation and watch your characters come alive at the Forks. All creative types welcome! / Créez votre propre collage d'animation avec Freeze Frame ! Soyez créatif et participez à cet atelier interactif à la Fourche.


The Punjabi Cultural Society of Manitoba Presents How to Wind a Turban Demonstration
Outside (weather permitting) or Centre Court in the Forks Market

Learn the history of the turban and how to wind them presented by the Punjabi Cultural Society of Manitoba.


3 Sisters Stew by the North End Food Security Network
Demo Kitchen in the Forks Market

Come learn how to make the delicious Three Sisters Stew at the Forks Demo Kitchen! You will learn the story of the three sisters and get to taste the traditional and very healthy stew.


RAM Wools Presents Knitting is for Everyone Workshop
Outside (weather permitting) or Centre Court in the Forks Market

Calling all women, men and children. Learn to knit with us. It's relaxing, fun and creative. Making your own clothes, toys, baby blankets is highly rewarding and there's a great community out there to help when there's a problem. Outside, near the canopy.

1:00pm- 5:00pm

Pulse Gallery Art Demonstrations: Painting, Sculpting, Jewellery
Johnston Terminal

Warming Huts 2013
Revisit the amazing art, design and architecture of the renowned huts that act as shelter on the frozen river trail during the winter months at The Forks.
All day and night
The Forks

Storefront MB and The Forks present Cool Gardens 2013
Cool Gardens 2013 is a public exhibition of six contemporary garden and art installations that run from Broadway to Provencher. See details online.
All day and night
From Broadway Avenue to Provencher Boulevard


K.I.D.S Initiative & JNJ Play for K.I.D.S. Soccer Workshop

Four 30 minutes workshops: Two for Grades 7-9 and two for Grades 10-12
At Festival Park by the Scotiabank Stage
From 10:00am-12:00pm
Please email Melissa Corucelles to register at melissa[dot]courcelles[at]culturedays[dot]ca

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Sessions by instructor Kelly Whelan-Enns 

On the grass (busker's point - by the river)
Session every hour on the hour, sessions last about 30 to 45 minutes
From 10:00am-2:00pm
Please come 10 minutes early to sign-up
Or sign-up in advance by emailing Melissa Courcelles at melissa[dot]courcelles[at]culturedays[dot]ca

Film Training Manitoba Presents Action: Directing Culture Workshop

South Atrium in the Forks Market
From 10:00am-2:00pm
*can hold a max. of 25 students per workshop*
Please email Melissa Courcelles to register at melissa[dot]courcelles[at]culturedays[dot]ca

Freeze Frame Media Arts Centre: Collage/Animation Workshop

Centre Court in the Forks Market
*can hold a max. of 30 students per workshop*
Please email Melissa Courcelles to register at melissa[dot]courcelles[at]culturedays[dot]ca


Interactive Workshops

Drop-In Activities 

Storytelling Day at Central Park

Join local storytellers and schools in this exciting day of storytelling and cultural expression. Join local tellers Duncan Mercredi, Joe McLellan and Jamie Olivero for the the 3rd annual Storytelling Day. 

How to Sign Up
Sign up your students today for free interactive activities at the Forks and at Central Park on Friday, September 27th by contacting or 204-942-8221.

Participate in your School 
Celebrating Culture Days doesn't mean attending these events or organizing high-scale productions. Here are a few ideas for your classroom to get started:
  • engage students in a discussion about their artistic works in progress;
  • celebrate with a cultural dance or creative movement activity;
  • invite a local artist, historian or multicultural leader to discuss Manitoba's culture with students;
  • take a field trip to a museum, heritage site or art gallery and experience Manitoba's culture first-hand;
  • partner with a local social serving organization to host an event or activity that showcases our province's vibrant culture;
  • take part in a battle of the bands or talent show; and/or
  • experiment with technology to create a unique cultural statement.

For inspiration on what other schools are doing, check out Niakwa Place School and how they are celebrating school wide learning in the arts. Once you've decided on your classroom or school's involvement, send a short overview of your event or activity to and you'll be included in the Culture Days Manitoba program.---With thanks to Alberta Culture Days.